Andrew Milner

It looked as though she was looking straight at him through the mirror, but that couldn’t be possible although it didn’t stop him moving out of the way. He felt uneasy, spooked almost and had slightly moved to one side. He watched her as she brushed her hair. She had had the same bedtime routine since he had met her. He remembered the very first night that he had slept at her house and how he had waited for her to finish her bedtime beauty treatments before she even thought about getting into bed. He didn’t think that she needed it, she was beautiful enough, but it was part of her and he loved everything about her. As she sat looking into the mirror on the far side of the bedroom the moon shone through the window to her right lighting up the side of her face. He always thought that it was her best side so that was perfect for him. She slipped between the ivory coloured silk sheets and he could almost trace the outline of her body as she settled into a sleeping position. He listened to her breathing as it became more relaxed and he knew that she had drifted into sleep. This was the part of the night that he loved, a time he could be close to her, a time when he could almost touch her, and a time that he could almost reach out his lips and kiss hers. His defence was that when she was sleeping she didn’t know what was happening, and that was a damn good job.


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Kate Arlen is a beautiful young woman who has the whole of her life before her. She had been with her boyfriend for a number of years but tragically he, Pete Phillips, died in a car accident on the same night that Kate had confessed a secret to him. Kate tries hard to get on with her life but is held back because after a period of time Pete finds a way to enter her dreams, and it’s whilst in one of her dreams she realises that Pete is trying to kill her, or so she thinks. Through another dream she finds out a family secret, something that comes back to help her later. Kate starts to find life a struggle and goes to see her Doctor. He recommends that she go to stay in a psychiatric hospital for a while just ‘to rest’. It is whilst staying in the hospital that she meets someone who, unbeknown to her, helps unravel all the answers. One of the answers she finds through the family secret, but it’s not that easy. There’s still time for things to go wrong.

A Far Reaching Dream