Andrew Milner

Andrew Milner

Andrew Milner

Another example of the beauty of Fulneck

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Back to school at Beamish Museum.

Team Milner

Three books together

Greenside tunnel as featured in The Hidden Path Home

View over Fulneck in Pudsey. Featured in my first two books

First newspaper interview Bridlington Free Press 2013

From the Author

I currently write a blog which can be found at and I will keep you updated of any future news and events.

My books are very important to me and I would love to hear from you and your thoughts of my books. You can get in touch with me either via the contact page of my website or by using the contact number and  / or email address provided.

I believe readers are the most important people in an author's life because no matter how good a book is, without a reader it is worthless.

I am currently writing my next book which is about half way through the first draft, I have a title which will be revealed at a later date. I have not planned a release date as yet but will update you as I go.

I have also written a few children's books, some of which have been co-written with my wife Jade. Again full details will appear at a later date.