Andrew Milner

Pudsey Park features in The Hidden Path Home. There used to be an old steam roller which we played on as kids which is sadly no longer there.

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Facts about the books

In Card School I used Denstone College in Uttoxeter where I stayed a few times during summer church youth camps as the inspiration of Saint Sebastian's Academy.

In Card School when I wrote about Auntie's house I was thinking about a small collection of houses at the end of Carlisle Road in Pudsey bizarrely called 'Milner Fold'.

The Bankhouse pub which is featured in The Hidden Path Home is again a real pub and a great end to a lovely walk down and across Fulneck valley.

Fulneck is mentioned more in The Hidden Path Home. Many of my childhood memories have influenced the events in this book in particular. I also wrote about Greenside Tunnel. This again is a real place and was part of the old Great North line which started in 1878. In 1893 the line was extended out towards Bradford and ran until it closed in 1964. As children we played in the  tunnel which is just over a third of a mile, walking through and hiding in the sides to scare our friends. The myth of a train crash was something told to us as children.

Fulneck which is mentioned in A Far Reaching Dream and The Hidden Path Home is a real place. It is in Pudsey situated between Pudsey and Tong.  This is where I grew up playing in what we called Pudsey or Fulneck Valley. It has always been a massive part of my life and brings back so many happy memories.

It was originally a Moravian Settlement established in 1744. It is named after Fulneck (Czech: Fulnek), the German name of a town in Northern Moravia, Czech Republic.