Andrew Milner


Nothing else seemed to matter to him at that point. She was perfect in every way. Everything else just went out of the window. He sipped his hot chocolate looking at her over the top of the paper cup, sipping slowly which gave him more time to look at her. He watched as she glanced over to him, the corners of her mouth rising slightly. He wondered if she had smiled at him or if he just wanted it so much he had imagined it. He had had a stressful day but this was a perfect end to it. It was the final coffee break of the day and she was sitting directly in front of him. Crumbs on the table from the last piece of flapjack from the works canteen formed an arrow pointing towards her. He tried to decide if he would have noticed her without it and came to the conclusion that, as one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, he surely would have noticed her.

He watched as she looked at the time on her mobile phone and then stood up. Her colleagues on the table behind her stood up as well, her break was over and their first eye to eye meeting had ended. He desperately wanted to say something to her but didn't know what.

"See you later," he mumbled.

"Bye," she replied. She had spoken to him. He felt on top of the world. He watched as she walked across the canteen to put her cup in the bin and then walked back past him towards the stairs, her long blonde hair shining in the lights. She quickly glanced back as she disappeared out of his sight. He knew instantly, he had met someone who would become very special to him. Just how special would be for the Gods to decide but that moment had made an impact on him that he would never, or could ever forget. 

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Pete had returned from what he called a trip away, that not many people ever come back from, and had formed himself a new life. At work he meets Sam, the most beautiful woman he has seen, since his ex girlfriend Kate was in his life, and they fall in love. However, it's not long before Pete starts to have similar dreams to the ones that haunted Kate and right up until the wedding day she is in the background reminding Pete that she is there. As Pete walks through the doors of the room where the marriage is to be, nothing prepares him for the sight that awaits him. His trauma is only just beginning and ultimately he realises, that by putting pieces together in his mind, he has to choose which direction his future will take.

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